Basic Books by Alpha Accounting

A basic bookkeeping plan for your basic small business at an affordable monthly price. For $299/month, get everything you need to run your business, process payroll, and keep up with your taxes. It may be basic but it's full value.

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Basic and Full Service All-in-One

Here's a list of what you'll get:

Monthly Financials

We'll prepare your monthly financial statements and send them to you each month. No effort on your part!

Full Service Payroll

The works! Full service payroll included for up to 3 employees. We handle everything from tax deposits to quarterly filings to W-2s.

QuickBooks File

We'll handle QuickBooks and store a copy for you -- One less subscription to worry about! Slight upcharge for bringing your own QBO file.

Dedicated US-Based Accountant

You'll have a dedicated point of contact from the Alpha Team. Each member of our team is a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor so you'll get advice you can trust.

What are the requirements?

Basic Books qualifications:

  • Up to 3 employees with biweekly or monthly payroll processing
  • Up to 2 banking accounts
  • Up to 2 credit card accounts
  • No specialized account needs such as inventory, fixed asset tracking, or sales tax
How does it work?

We'll start with our Alpha Review to understand the state of your current financials. Then we'll setup your new QuickBooks file using our simplified chart of accounts approach.

We work with you to establish read-only access to your banking and credit card transactions to ensure your security and eliminate your need to grab and send information each month.

Sit back and enjoy your financial picture on a regular monthly cadence!

How does payroll work?

We'll work with you during onboarding to establish your tax ID information, setup your current employees, and get you access to our payroll software!

After that, simply send us your pay period hours on the required due date and we'll handle everything from there!

What if I have QuickBooks Online?

We can work with QuickBooks Online too!

If you already have a QuickBooks online account, you can add us as an accounting firm user.

Alternatively, we can supply a QuickBooks Online account for an additional fee.