A Message from our CEO

08-28-2020 02:31 PM By Colin

A Message from the CEO of Alpha Accounting

Most of you were accustomed to receiving a regular update from Alpha's previous owner, Leslie Hamm. After taking the reins last fall, my mantra was: crawl, walk, run. We've spent some time learning about each of our clients and getting acquainted with our team (which carried over from previous ownership). We are now firmly in the walking stage!

The typical format from here on out will entail a newsletter / blog post each month including a quick note from me as well as business / accounting / QuickBooks tips -- feedback is welcome to help provide you the most value long-term.

A quick note about myself -- For those who do not have all the details on my background... I am a CPA and CFA Charterholder. My professional experience involves time spent in Big 4 accounting, investment management, private equity, and as a CFO. My door is always open to assist you with your financials or general business situations. I have been in your seat hiring and implementing our services in past situations. I have also bought, sold, owned, and operated private businesses both personally and professionally... I've learned a few things in past successes and mistakes and would be glad to share those learnings with anyone in need!

And finally quick update on our business -- COVID has impacted small businesses and certain industries in varying ways... We remain open for business and have been doing everything we can to assist clients and others navigate this environment. We're here to help with PPP or EIDL loans or general business strategy. Don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call us! We will do all that we can to guide you through this situation.


Colin King, CPA, CFA